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Fully customizable chatbots

With this functionality, PandaChat users have the flexibility to embed chatbots seamlessly into their own websites while tailoring the interface, tone of voice, and other essential aspects to align with their brand, visual identity or other specific requirements.

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By leveraging the data from your website, such as frequently asked questions, product/service information, and relevant content, you can create a knowledge base for the chatbot to draw upon when interacting with visitors.


This involves designing the visual elements, like color & branding elements, to ensure a seamless integration with your website's overall feel. Personalize the chatbot's tone of voice to match your brand's communication style.


After customizing the chatbot, it's time to embed it into your website. This involves adding a code snippet provided in the settings. Place the code on the desired web page, and enable your chatbot to start interacting with your visitors.


Once the chatbot is embedded on your website, it's ready to engage in interactive conversations with visitors. Chatbot acts as an interactive chat partner with website visitors, providing helpful responses to their inquiries.

Interactive conversational tool

Designed to engage in dynamic conversations with users, leveraging data from the website to provide relevant & accurate information. By integrating with the website's content, such as services or products offered, the chatbot becomes a valuable resource for users seeking information.

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This chatbot was trained on our website pandachat.ai

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PandaChat Embed is an AI-powered tool that enables you to integrate intuitive chatbots on your own websites and boost your user experience by engaging with your visitors.

PandaChat Embed's best feature is definitely customization interface, tone of voice, and other essential aspects to align with their brand, visual identity or other specific requirements.

To add a chat bubble to the bottom right of your website, simply go to chat settings and click "Embed settings".

Yes, PandaChat Embed is a tool that enables you to customize chatbots that will be displayed on your website, giving you with the full control when it comes to your brands visual identity.

Yes, PandaChat supports all latin-based languages, but we recommend you to use English to get the best out of it. You can have your sources in other latin language and ask it questions in other latin language.

By default your chatbot uses gpt-3.5-turbo (but you have the option to use gpt-4 within the PandaChat Pro plan.

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