Next level Security with PandaChat Desktop App

Advanced Privacy Features: Unlike web-based solutions, the PandaChat Assistant Desktop App ensures heightened privacy for your sensitive data. With locally stored LLM models and enhanced encryption protocols, rest assured that your information remains confidential and secure.

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Your AI Assistant at Lightning Speed!

Experience the convenience of swift responses and effortless interactions, empowering you to tackle tasks with unparalleled efficiency. With our desktop app, you'll enjoy accelerated access to insights, enabling you to make informed decisions in record time!

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Enhanced Data privacy

Our solution is simple - Locally Stored LLM Models. This approach keeps sensitive language processing within your organization's infrastructure, offering increased data security and privacy control.


Broad Knowledge Base

Build a comprehensive knowledge base by uploading any type of data. This creates a centralized resource, improving information retrieval and enhancing user understanding of your products and services.

Transforming all industries using the power of AI



Chat with Your Data,
No code required

Engage in natural language conversations with your data sets—no coding required. PandaChat Insight transforms data analysis into a conversation, making complex insights accessible to everyone in your organization.

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Redefining the Future of Research
with AI-Powered Analytics

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Trusted by leading companies
from various industries

Out of all the AI research apps I've explored, PandaChat stands out as a frontrunner in terms of its exceptional simplicity, unmatched quality, and remarkable speed!


I was amazed by the response I received after uploading the PPTX file. It was impressive! The assistance I got was immensely helpful. When I asked about the presentation's highlights, I quickly received a well-organized list with all the important information.


I truly believe that this will have a significant impact on my academic journey this semester. PandaChat is already boosting my studying to a whole new level.


I think that summary I get on this app for my thesis references was not only more thorough but also remarkably precise compared to similar tools I've used.


PandaChat is absolutely phenomenal! I uploaded one of my written papers, and it surprised me with its ability to provide remarkably accurate answers to my inquiries.


I had so much troubles accumulating numerous articles, but unfortunately, never found the time to go through them. However, thanks to PandaChat, I can now quickly get a concise summary and proceed with my tasks.


Overall, the combination of reading, note-taking, and utilizing PandaChat's summaries has revolutionized my learning process. It has fostered a deeper level of engagement, accelerated my comprehension, and empowered me to become a more knowledgeable and well-rounded individual.


I am sincerely grateful for the immense support and enrichment that PandaChat brings to my educational journey.


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Got questions?

We are happy you are interested in PandaChat! Please make sure to check out our Frequently Asked Questions page - it might have the answer you are looking for. If not you can always contact customer support at [email protected]

Chat out of the box

Say hello to a new era of efficiency and productivity. Innovators, leaders and students from world top universities and organisations use PandaChat.

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