Pandas. Productivity simplified for everyone.

At PandaChat, we revolutionize productivity and efficiency. In a world where time is of the essence, we believe in simplifying your tasks and empowering you to achieve more.

In today's fast-paced environment, students, researchers, and businesses face numerous challenges when it comes to optimizing their research processes. That's where PandaChat comes in. Our team developed a powerful tool that enables you to chat with any file type, and even engage with websites and media, such as YouTube videos.



Faces behind PandaChat

PandaChat started as a hobby project of our CEO, Primož Cigoj, over the weekend in Ljubljana, Slovenia with the aim of making chatting with data easier than ever. Our goal since day one was to reimagine the way academia, business world and everyone else interacts with data, by making simple, easy-to-use application suitable for everyone.

Ph.D. Primož C.

Founder & CEO

Franci K.

Project Manager & Web Lead

Urban R.

Mobile & AI Lead

Sara S.

Design Lead


Chat out of the box

Now, there are our Pandas in over 30 countries all over the world using PandaChat, and with more than users in less than 3 weeks and over 2100 queries in less than 3 weeks, we're one of the fastest growing ai tools in Europe. Our user-friendly, chatting platform empowers you to talk to any kind of file, media, website, and even to scan your document and start chatting with it instantly.


Users in less than 3 weeks


Active queries in less than 3 weeks


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Supported sources


Team members

What we do for you

  • Chatbot integration - embed chatbots on your own website
  • Multiple file type support - chat with any file type
  • Scan-to-chat - scan documents & start chatting instantly
  • Group chat - start chatting with your friends & files simultaneously
  • Multi source chat - chat with multiple sources at the same time
Start chatting today
  • PandaChat can analyze images, audio, or video content to extract valuable insights, detect objects or patterns, identify emotions or sentiments, or provide metadata about the media files.
  • Chrome extension - with this innovative feature, you can now summarize and engage in live conversations with any website directly within your browser.
  • Mobile app - whether you're traveling, in a meeting, or simply away from your desk, stay connected and chat with your important files through seamless mobile chat functionality.