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At PandaChat, we revolutionize productivity and efficiency. In a world where time is of the essence, we believe in simplifying your tasks and empowering you to achieve more.


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Faces behind PandaChat

PandaChat started as a hobby project of our CEO, Primož Cigoj, over the weekend in Ljubljana, Slovenia with the aim of making chatting with data easier than ever. Our goal since day one was to reimagine the way academia, business world and everyone else interacts with data, by making simple, easy-to-use application suitable for everyone.


Primož C.


Driven by a passion for discovery and a relentless pursuit of the extraordinary, I collaborate with like-minded visionaries, working tirelessly to explore, reimagine and redefine what’s possible. Together, we pioneer a future without boundaries.


Franci K.


As a strategic project architect, I combine analytical thinking with creative problem-solving to design and implement robust project plans that drive sustainable growth.


Zlato C.


With years of experience behind him, Goldy is the wise guardian of our company's adherence to regulations and policies. Think of him as our golden standard for ensuring we play by the rules while keeping the vibe friendly and the atmosphere positive.


Ksenija C.


With a knack for numbers and a passion for strategy, Ksenija keeps our finances as clean as our code, ensuring every euro is accounted for & every investment maximizes our potential. She ensures our financial journey aligns flawlessly with our vision.


Liza T.


Dedicated to supporting our team's success at every turn. Passionate about the intricacies of business administration and the art of seamless operations, ensuring that every detail is meticulously handled.


Tanja P., PhD


PC7's tech wizard blending System Analysis, Cybersecurity, Digital Policies, and Ethical AI with finesse. Whether she's cracking jokes or breaking down the complexities of AI ethics, she does it all with a warmth that makes her essential team member.


Žan M.

Full-stack developer

Dedicated software engineer specialized in web and mobile app development, backend apps and server administration. Passionate about creating high-quality products.


Urban R.

Lead Mobile Developer & AI

Software engineer specialized in mobile app development and AI. Passionate about developing high-quality products that seamlessly blend latest technologies with exceptional UI/UX design.


Sara S.

Design Lead

Passionate UI/UX Designer seamlessly blending fine arts aesthetics with cultural insights & technology. Sara, as a part of the PC7 team, is committed to creating engaging interfaces & transforming complex solutions into simple, user-empowering tools.


Tinkara K.

Web Tech Lead

Driven web developer passionate about tackling challenges, crafting clean, readable code, and delivering exceptional products through user-centric design and continual learning.


Nejc B.

Full-stack developer


Miha S.

Full-stack developer

Passionate computer scientist driven by constant learning. Expertise in software engineering and machine learning, with interests in DevOps, networking, data science and cybersecurity. Devoted to crafting high-quality software solutions.


Taja K., MSc

Data Scientist

A data scientist, currently pursuing a Ph.D. on language technologies. Passionate about integrating cutting-edge AI advancements into tangible products, Taja specializes in crafting innovative solutions for retrieval-augmented generation.


Leon Z. Z.


Passionate about web development, I'm always eager to learn and specialize in crafting sleek, user-friendly SPA websites. Continuously seeking new opportunities to innovate and refine my skills.


Matija P.


Dedicated developer committed to crafting software solutions. With an insatiable eagerness to learn, I am always seeking opportunities to expand my skills and knowledge.


Ardit N.


Avid computer scientist with an interest in AI, data analysis, and software development. Having an insatiable eagerness to learn, I aim to develop efficient software solutions while being an integral part of a groundbreaking team.


Anastasija D.

Junior Developer

Junior software developer, committed to mastering programming and enhancing system functionality. Eager to contribute to team projects and drive progress with a focus on robust, scalable solutions.


Edis F.

Junior Developer & QA

Junior developer, focused on learning and developing coding skills, eager to tackle challenges and contribute to projects with enthusiasm.


Gasper L.

Junior Developer

Software developer passionate about innovation, continuous learning, and project engineering.


Aljosa K.

Junior Developer

Driven Junior Software Developer with a strong commitment to mastering programming skills and a passion for solving complex problems. Keen on embracing challenges, I am dedicated to continuous learning and innovation.


Jon G. R.

Junior Developer

Junior web developer, dedicated to honing coding prowess and expanding knowledge of web technologies. Eager to take on challenges, actively participating in projects with a keen interest in crafting dynamic and user-friendly digital experiences.


Katarina L. G.

Junior Developer

A junior developer with an eye for design and an interest in project engineering, she is perpetually on the lookout for fresh opportunities to expand her skill set and foster personal growth.


Jerneja K.

Junior Developer

A junior web developer, always eager to learn and grow. With a knack for design and a perfectionist mindset. Beyond coding, she explores the world, embracing languages both spoken and coded.


Jan J.

Junior Developer

Junior developer passionate about creating Android apps that present new challenges. I thrive on learning new tech.


Urška Š.

Project's Applicant

Passionate documentation preparation coordinator and organized standards follower and preparator.


Neža C.


Meet Neža, the secret ingredient in our recipe for endless motivation! She's the heartbeat of our team, making sure that every employee has an "angel card" at their disposal whenever they need a little inspiration, ensuring that we achieve greatness.

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Got questions?

We are happy you are interested in PandaChat! Please make sure to check out our Frequently Asked Questions page - it might have the answer you are looking for. If not you can always contact customer support at [email protected]


Innovate with impact


“A key component of our vision is the ultimate establishment of a Research Center, where we can bring our own ideas to life, while also welcoming most perspective individuals who are brimming with enthusiasm, drive and knowledge to actively participate and create in research processes that aim to craft impactful solutions for humanity, spanning virus detection and different ecological improvements, such as innovative approaches to enhance water quality or reduce carbon footprints.”

Primož Cigoj, PhD

CEO & Founder

Empowering Minds, Enriching Ideas

Where Innovation Meets Purpose


Join the AI revolution today

Now, there are our Pandas in over 30 countries all over the world using PandaChat, and with more than users in less than 3 weeks and over 2100 queries in less than 3 weeks, we're one of the fastest growing ai tools in Europe. Our user-friendly, chatting platform empowers you to talk to any kind of file, media, website, and even to scan your document and start chatting with it instantly.

Chat out of the box

Say hello to a new era of efficiency and productivity. Innovators, leaders and students from world top universities and organisations use PandaChat.

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