Interactive chatbots on your website in seconds

Whether you're studying, researching, or just exploring new topics, our tool is designed to help you find and understand the relevant information quickly and easily.

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Answer queries 24/7

By leveraging the data from your website, such as frequently asked questions, product/service information, and relevant content, you can create a knowledge base for the chatbot to draw upon when interacting with visitors.

  • Data Privacy
  • Department Collaboration
  • White-labeling


Data Privacy


Department Collaboration



Real-time dashboard

This dynamic tool offers invaluable insights into Inbox health and team capacity, instantly enhancing decision-making capabilities


Add any source to knowledge base

Uploading data, such as frequently asked questions texts & other relevant content, you can create a knowledge base for the chatbot


No code integrations

Easily integrate PandaChat Live into various popular platforms with a simple copy-paste of a single line of code—no expertise needed.

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Team creation

Secure and safe team communication

PandaChat enhances team collaboration, ensuring data safety and swift real-time communication for efficient decision-making. Team members can consolidate expertise, creating a valuable knowledge repository, resulting in improved efficiency and responsiveness

Live Call Support

Embrace the power of automation

Access a written transcript of every interaction, whether with chatbots or your agents, providing a comprehensive record of customer conversations. All this valuable information is consolidated in one accessible space, allowing your employees to review calls, respond, chat, take over a call from AI, or even seek assistance from AI for the most accurate and efficient customer communication.

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No code integration with different platforms

PandaChat is a versatile SaaS platform that can be seamlessly integrated with diverse platforms in just a few clicks. It is meticulously crafted to elevate operational efficiency, revolutionizing businesses across various industries.

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Fully customizable chatbots

With this functionality, PandaChat users have the flexibility to embed chatbots seamlessly into their own websites while tailoring the interface, tone of voice, and other essential aspects to align with their brand, visual identity or other specific requirements.

Interactive conversational tool

Designed to engage in dynamic conversations with users, leveraging data from the website to provide relevant & accurate information. Using website's content as knowledge base, the chatbot becomes a valuable resource for users seeking information.

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Got questions?

We are happy you are interested in PandaChat! Please make sure to check out our Frequently Asked Questions page - it might have the answer you are looking for. If not you can always contact customer support at [email protected]

Chat out of the box

Say hello to a new era of efficiency and productivity. Innovators, leaders and students from world top universities and organisations use PandaChat.

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