The only AI-driven assistant you need for researching

Chat with books, news, audios and diverse internet content seamlessly, as this AI-powered assistant simplifies the process of summarizing lengthy articles directly within your browser. The convenience extends beyond your desktop – PandaChat Assistant is at your fingertips on your mobile phone, ensuring knowledge is just a tap away.

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Understand any data instantly using AI

Whether you're studying, researching, or just exploring new topics, our tool is designed to help you find and understand the relevant information quickly and easily.


Transforming how you consume
knowledge from various sources


Language support

30+ languages supported - Chat in any language you like



Now you can chat with multiple sources at the same time


length control

Adjust the model, temperature and response length


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Mobile App

Whether you're traveling, in a meeting, or simply away from your desk, stay connected and chat with your important files through seamless mobile chat functionality.

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Chrome Extension

With this innovative feature, you can now summarize and engage in live conversations with any website directly within your browser.

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Using PandaChat, we continue creating amazing products


Let AI handle news reading!

Hai News is an advanced AI-powered news interaction tool that revolutionizes the way we access & engage with news content. The chat functionality enables real-time interactions. The powerful search feature allows quick access to world's leading media sources.

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Let AI handle web surfing!

Hai Surf is an AI-powered web interaction tool that revolutionizes internet access. It enables real-time chat with Google, Wikipedia, articles, blogs, and websites, offering source previews. Users can seek recommendations, ask questions, and share insights by simply typing a topic.

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Check out PandaChat Enterprise Model

Custom ChatGPT: Your data, your rules. Unlike other chat platforms, PandaChat Enterprise model is specially designed to be installed on your premises, giving you complete control over your data.

Chat out of the box

Say hello to a new era of efficiency and productivity. Innovators, leaders and students from world top universities and organisations use PandaChat.

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