Let AI handle news reading!

Hai News is an advanced AI-powered news interaction tool that revolutionizes the way we access & engage with news content. The chat functionality enables real-time interactions. The powerful search feature allows quick access to world's leading media sources.

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How Hai Works

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We aim to transform news consumption from
a one-way street to a dynamic conversation

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Your journey starts with Hai Search

Search any topic

Instantly access comprehensive and relevant news articles, ensuring that you stay informed on the subjects that matter most to you. With Hai News, your curiosity knows no bounds.

Chat with any news

Ask questions, seek clarifications, and engage with news content in a conversational manner. Hai News turns every headline into a dialogue, making your news consumption experience dynamic, engaging, and uniquely yours.

Credible information sources

From established media outlets to trusted journalistic platforms, our partnership ensures that you receive news from diverse perspectives, providing a comprehensive view of the stories that shape our world.

Your privacy, our priority

We understand the importance of privacy in the digital age.With Hai News, you can explore, chat, & engage with news content worry-free, knowing that your personal information remains private and secure.


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Our mission is to transform passive web surfing and news reading into an interactive
experience through real-time chat functionality with online content

hai surf

Hai Surf
Let AI handle web surfing!

With Hai Surf, you're not just browsing the web; You are chatting with Google, Wikipedia, articles, blogs, and websites - getting recommendations, asking questions, & sharing insights with friends. Just type in a topic, hit enter, and dive into the most entertaining conversations you never knew you needed.

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Got questions?

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Chat out of the box

Say hello to a new era of efficiency and productivity. Innovators, leaders and students from world top universities and organisations use PandaChat.

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